Current Projects

The largest project set currently underway within the MIRG Lab is being supported by Peabody Energy, at $2M for 4 years.


  1. MISOM Consulting Services Inc. provides general IT consulting from 2005-2008, shortly after Dispatch purchase at the North Antelope Rochelle mine (NARM)
  2. MIRG CS Develops and implements a Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence (DW/BI) solution, including the business process and maintenance needs from Nov 2008 to July 2009
  3. BTU recognized the value of research beyond initial DW/BI solution, and initiates a process of identifying research projects in 1Q2009
  4. Final approval for Research programs - March 17 2009
  5. Work begins in September 2009

Program 1: Operations and Engineering

  • IT-enabled Management Operations & Mine Engineering initiatives, many projects within this set of projects including:
  • Automated Blending (multiple sub-projects, the majority of the funding)
  • Artificial Intelligence in processing plants
  • Machine Health (data mining)

Program 2: Strategic Economic and Sustainability modeling

  • Mine Engineering and Mineral Economics in a Carbon Constrained Economy