Fleet Cost Screen

The Mining Intelligence Research Group (MIRG) at the University of Arizona has developed a series of products which process the data generated by modern information systems in order to transform it into accurate and reliable information to improve mining operations management.

These products can be used as standalone solutions or integrated with existing systems. MIRG could customize them based on the client particular requirements.



Real-time Production Costs


One of the main components in the mining operations costs is related to the equipment and the decisions linked to their use. MIRG has developed a product called Fleet Cost Screen (FLC) that calculates in real-time the equipment cost, allowing cost oriented decisions related to their use into the mining operations.  In order to do that, the FLC integrates data from operation and business systems calculating the cost value based in the different variables that generate a unique profile per equipment. Once the cost per equipment is calculated is possible to determine the cost of the process where they worked.

The FLC not only can be used in the daily operations but in mid and long term planning since its architecture allow it to accept data that simulate real operation conditions.