Integration of mine planning and production processes in Real-Time (MPL Screen)

The Mine Plan (MPL) component of the overall blending system integrates both historical and real-time FMS data with mine plan requirements directly sourced from original systems (no additional input required). The data is integrated with the use of T-SQL coding, and  the MPL charts are displayed in a web environment. The MPL screen displays two types of information:

Real-time adherence to plan by pit/shovel

 Historical adherence performances by crews and all mines


The measures, displayed largely as graphs, have tools to help mine controllers manage the production to facilitate adherence to the plan. These measures are designed to motivate crews to perform by inciting competition between crews, softened through a study of the controller culture.  The MPL screen was tested first at MIRG Integrated operations center and deployed at the one of the largest mines in North America.

Results after deployment were:

•      Easier to adhere to plan

•      Increased control on Over/Undermining

•      Eliminated long term quality & schedule issues