Laboratory Resources


Mine Intelligence Research Group (MIRG) has virtually every type of mining software and data management system including mine planning software, process monitoring and management (OSIsoft's Pi), database management systems (SQL Server and IBM DB), data mining, simulation, Dispatch®, Swarm simulation for societal development, among many others.  Most of the data warehouse design and business intelligence development is in Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005.


The research laboratory has over eight high-end computers, three industry computers (linked to external corporate networks), many laptops, and three dedicated 1TB data servers. A mine control-room setup is being established (spring 2010) to simulate holistic mine control and to train mine control room operators. Video conferencing facilities and remote service/support capabilities are present.

Business Intelligence

MIRG has three corporate data warehouses, the national mining safety statistics database, a block-cave data warehouse, and a variety of machine-health databases. Data mining and data warehousing research is undertaken on data records from over twenty commercial vendors, 15 different underground and surface mines and processing plants. The data ranges from production records, to machine health telemetry, to accounting and maintenance records. 

Control Room

The Mine Intelligence Integrated Operations Center (MIIOC) consolidates all the research resources required to develop engineering solutions with information technology for mine operations. The flexibility of configuring displays and applications according to a particular case provides the right context for problem solving, simulation of diverse operating scenarios and a holistic perspective of remotely controlled production and planning for any mining method. Real-time video cameras, continuously updated plant monitoring and satellite map images enhance the visualization and analysis capabilities.