MIRG focuses on all the various disciplines necessary to enrich raw data into information, then use domain expert models to turn that information into knowledge, and finally management techniques to ensure that the knowledge is acted upon (action) in a sustainable manner through  change management. To do this research, MIRG researchers must draw upon many disciplines.  Click on the flows to learn more.



MIRG has researched these components in various types of projects: 

  • Data Mining, also known as Knowledge Discover in Databases (KDD), with major projects in block cave mines, national mine safety, machine health, etc…
  • Business Process Redesign, with major projects in pit-to-customer coal blending, blast optimization, mine budgeting, etc…
  • Financial modeling, in areas such as the application of Real Options pricing models, sustainable development indicators as measures of political risk, corporate strategy model integration considering macro-economic energy models.
  • Mine automation; consolidating the systems integration, sensor platforms, navigation, base machines, into an overall mine process considering culture and business processes.